Working with Liz gave me the tools to make thoughtful decisions when it comes to combating some of the nutritional issues that come with having PCOS. I cannot thank her enough for her support and wealth of knowledge on PCOS and the struggles I have been facing as a new mom with finding time to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself. – Melissa M

As a fellow dietitian and friend of Liz, I can vouch for her personally and professionally!  I met Liz in grad school, so I can assure you, she is and has always been extremely bright, motivated and successful.  😉 I was lucky enough to get to know her over the years and was instantly drawn to her down to earth and completely hilarious sense of humor. Liz was obviously super intelligent but was always realistic and had a knack for making me laugh.  She fully understands the complexities of nutrition science but recognizes the social and cultural role of food and diet in our society. In less elegant terms, Liz does not stand on a soapbox and preach how we all should eat avocado toast and chia pudding.  She’s not like that at all. I know this because she has helped me through my own struggles! Maybe you just want to lose a few pounds or you have a diagnosis that is hard to fully understand and accept. Whatever your case is, I can tell you that Liz is your girl. When I needed advice, Liz was warm and easy to talk to.  I was spilling my guts before I knew it. She gave me the information I didn’t know and walked me though the feelings and emotions that inevitably accompany our food struggles. I like to tell my clients that we all eat food and we all have emotions and somewhere along the way, those 2 things will inevitably cross paths.  We all need someone in our corner who is not only qualified, but also understands how to help us reach our individual goals. I promise you, if you choose Liz as your nutrition partner, you will leave your sessions feeling uplifted, informed and smiling as if you just spend the time gushing with one of your best friends. – Julia

–  Julia